Over the past ten months, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with EMS personnel and make connections throughout the nation. I consider every connection a privilege and a point in time to not just to talk about REPLICA, but also to listen to what each one person has to share about the Compact and answer any questions they may have. With each connection, it is abundantly clear the difference having a compact for licensed individuals will make in our profession. More importantly, what this will do for the patients we serve and protect. REPLICA increases access to EMS for patients, reduces regulatory barriers for EMS personnel and brings unprecedented accountability to our profession.

With each connection made, the benefits of REPLICA for licensed personnel and the systems they work within come more clearly into focus. Learn more about what just some of our REPLICA connections have to say, including:

Alisa Williams, Paramedic, Director Office of EMS in Mississippi: “Enter REPLICA, A much-needed solution for our state and our country. Under this compact, EMS personnel will have the ability to share a common standard for initial licensure in member states, and state EMS Offices will have access to all related licensure history for those same EMTs and Paramedics crossing state borders through a national coordinated database.”

Lucille Maes, Paramedic, Chief Angleton Area EMS Corps: “You don’t have to serve in a border community to know the importance of easing the burdens on our EMS personnel who are simply trying to do their job. In order to change this, in 2015 I took part in an effort to pass REPLICA in Texas as I understood that our EMS team was greater than just my small town and just my state. ”

Eddie Ferguson, Jr., Paramedic, CCEMTP, Deputy Chief of EMS. Goochland County Department of Fire-Rescue & Emergency Services: “EMS Providers in Virginia need to know we have seamless coverage and medical direction when crossing state lines and performing patient care. ”

Sean Caffrey, MBA, CEMSO, Paramedica, EMS Programs Manager University of Colorado Denver, Vice President of the EMS Association of Colorado Inc: “Wildfires are a common occurrence every summer in the West. EMS providers with specialized training are the best choice to support wildfire responses. REPLICA will allow EMS providers who participate as federal and state wildfire EMS resources to more easily do their important work across state lines while minimizing the impact of these large and long term events on local EMS.”

Will Smith, Paramedic, MD, EMS Medical Director, Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County Search and Rescue, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS: “As an EMS Medical Director, I applaud the standardization that REPLICA brings to cross-border pre-hospital practice. My EMS personnel will have the protection they need to do their jobs under the Compact’s privilege to practice while operating in member states.”

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