Endorsements & News

We have a number of national organizations and associations that support REPLICA. The Council of State Government (CSG) was the first to pass a formal resolution of support of REPLICA. CSG is the only organization that serves all three braches of government and hosts the enhance of ideas and perspectives that support the development of public policy as well as leadership of state government.

We are honored to have this formal resolution in support of REPLICA from CSG as well as from the National Volunteer Fire Council and the National EMS Advisory Committee (NEMSAC). REPLICA is supported by eleven national EMS Associations (see supporting national associations and organizations).


Council of State Government – Resolution in support of REPLICA

“NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments supports the establishment of the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Compact (REPLICA) and encourages its member jurisdictions to consider the new interstate agreement as an innovative policy solution to the challenge of interstate EMS personnel emergency and life-saving operations.“
August 13, 2014

National EMS Advisory Council – Final Advisory on REPLICA

“Activation of REPLICA in every State and Territory is in line with the NEMSAC core values of being visionary, strategic, and diligent. Having REPLICA activated nationwide is visionary because it promotes a seamless and integrated workforce across the continuum of emergency care. “
September 8, 2016

National Volunteer Fire Council

“The adoption of the compact will make it easier for EMS personnel in different states to cooperate in the delivery of services. I encourage volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue personnel to work to have REPLICA is adopted in their states.”
September 25, 2014