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The increase of mobility within the EMS profession has focused the attention of regulators and policymakers on the barriers experienced by personnel when crossing state borders in the line of duty. REPLICA is the collective solution to removing those barriers while implementing an umbrella of quality over interstate practice. Learn more about REPLICA from members of the EMS community as they share their thoughts on why REPLICA is important to them and how REPLICA will impact our profession.

Make the connection and watch REPLICA link the nation of EMS closer together.

Lucille Maes


“I have spent almost thirty years serving Angleton, Texas, as an EMS professional, with over seven years of that time as a volunteer.  The opportunity to take care of my neighbors and to be a part of the EMS team in greater Texas has been very important to me, as this is my passion.  In 2005 I sent one of our MICU staffed ambulances, through an official EMAC request, to serve across the border in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.  Our staff, our protocols, our medical direction was all intact during that deployment.  It struck me that day to day calls across state lines, calls for mutual aid and large events that are not at the level of a disaster declaration did not provide for a seamless transition due to licensing requirements that varied it the states that surround Texas.  Our EMT and Paramedic students are met with access to clinical challenges for the same reason.  You don’t have to serve in a border community to know the importance of easing the burdens on our EMS personnel who are simply trying to do their job.  In order to change this, in 2015 I took part in an effort to pass REPLICA in Texas as I understood that our EMS team was greater than just my small town and just my state.  I remain proud to support REPLICA as I know that it will ensure quality and accountability in our profession when crossing state lines while easing regulatory burdens and improving access to patient care.  I am so pleased to know REPLICA is now a reality in our nation!”

Lucille Maes, LP Chief Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps

Will Smith


“As an EMS Medical Director I applaud the standardization that REPLICA brings to cross-border pre-hospital practice. My EMS personnel will have the protection they need to do their jobs under the Compact’s privilege to practice while operating in member states. Additionally, I will know that EMS personnel coming into Wyoming are subject to the same standards. With REPLICA out of state EMS personnel will be held accountable to Wyoming EMS laws and rules, another level of quality control we did not previously have in place. In the end, the patients will benefit the most from the protections built into REPLICA.”

Medical Director, Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County Search and Rescue, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

Sean Caffrey


“Wildfires are a common occurrence every summer in the West. EMS providers with specialized training are the best choice to support wildfire responses. REPLICA will allow EMS providers who participate as federal and state wildfire EMS resources to more easily do their important work across state lines while minimizing the impact of these large and long term events on local EMS.”

MBA, CEMSO, NRP | EMS Programs Manager University of Colorado DenverVice President of the EMS Association of Colorado Inc

Eddie Ferguson


EMS Providers in Virginia need to know we have seamless coverage and medical direction when crossing state lines and performing patient care.  Many jurisdictions bordering the surrounding states, cross state lines multiple times during day to day operations, providing mutual aid and assisting their neighboring jurisdiction.  The same support and assistance is reciprocated by the out of state Fire and/or EMS department.     In numerous other cases both ground and air ambulances cross state lines daily to transport patients to the closest most appropriate hospital.  Let’s all come together as a profession and get this accomplished for both present and future EMS Providers, and ultimately our patients who are counting on us!

VAGEMSA (Virginia Association of Governmental EMS Administrators) successfully supported REPLICA through the 2016 Session of the Virginia General Assembly.


NRP,CCEMT-P | Deputy Chief of EMS Goochland County Department of Fire-Rescue & EMS