Thinking about REPLICA and Compact Governance

REPLICA is now actively in Phase IV. of interstate compact development, “Transition to Commission Administration”. As a joint public agency, the Interstate Compact for EMS will be managed by a Commission, composed of one representative from each member state. Section 14. of the Compact specifies the scope of authority for member states during the time period between the tenth member state joining and the first assembly of Commission, specifically stating:


A. The compact shall come into effect on the date on which the compact statute is enacted into law in the tenth member state. The provisions, which become effective at that time, shall be limited to the powers granted to the Commission relating to assembly and the promulgation of rules. Thereafter, the Commission shall meet and exercise rulemaking powers necessary to the implementation and administration of the compact. “

The dates of October 7th and 8th, 2017 have been reserved for this first meeting and the location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There are a little over three months left until this meeting and until that time small workgroups are discussing:

  • Interim Bylaws: a simple structure by which the Commission will be organized and conduct it’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, electing officers, forming committees, meeting procedures and proper public notice for all meetings.
  • Rules and Rulemaking: the Compact calls for the Commission to promulgate rules related only to cross-border practice of licensed EMS personnel under authorized circumstances. The Commission will need to first adopt a rule on “rulemaking”. This step will define the scope and authority of the Commission in this area as provided for in the Compact.
  • Inaugural Meeting Planning: this group is working to properly prepare for the schedule of events, content of the agenda and structure of the meeting. There are ceremonial, educational and procedural components to this meeting.

As the Commission has not been assembled, no official action can be taken by this group. Limited and focused discussions are allowed for under the Compact.

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