The time has come where the borders between states will no longer be seen as a barrier to the practice of EMS. REPLICA provides a collective solution to an age old problem in EMS, the legal recognition of individual EMS provider practice outside of their home state of licensure. Learn how and what the benefits of REPLICA are to EMS Providers.

REPLICA: Making the connection

The increase of mobility within the EMS profession has focused the attention of regulators and policymakers on the barriers experienced by personnel when crossing state borders in the line of duty. REPLICA is the collective solution to removing those barriers while implementing an umbrella of quality over interstate practice.

EMS Providers, State Offices and State Legislators are vital members of the team when it comes to passing REPLICA legislation.  Understanding both the facts, and benefits that REPLICA will bring to patients and the EMS profession is important to getting the model legislation introduced and ultimately passed.   Visit the Tool Kit for more detailed information. Start your REPLICA advocacy today.


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